27 Alexander Street, Eglinton

This story is about a little old Church building by a school.

Its walls are weathered and its windows broken.

Birds shelter in its roof, mice play within its frame and stray cats quite likely live beneath the floor.

But perhaps that is all about to change........



Creative Quilts needs a new Studio and a Gallery too, but most importantly would like the company of other creative people to share this new home.

The idea is still in the conceptual stage, however your Expressions of Interest are very important to get to the next step.

We would like to hear from any interested tenants, particularly those with creative interests to find out what might need to be built, how much space may be required and any other points that should be considered in the design phase.

The purpose is to create a micro hub of creativity that may enhance the growing Eglinton community, entice the wider Bathurst creative community and support and interact with the growing Eglinton school population.

At the moment it is proposed to offer 4 tenancies all approx. 20 - 24m2  which will either open into a central courtyard or be part of the main building at the rear shared by the quilting studio. The Gallery will be self contained, restoring the church building and retaining most of its original character and appearance. A common amenities block will be included with parking at the rear of the complex and access ramps where necessary to meet building regulations. 

 Development Application has been approved by BRCC (23/2/2017)

A small coffee shop would be very desirable and other suggested tenancies may suit space for all kinds of tutorial and training purposes, historical display, office space, art & craft studios, yoga or other health & wellbeing activities.

The Gallery would make an ideal common use area with potential to run classes in a variety of creative fields.


It is time to contact Lisa Davis for further information or to discuss your needs - the number of tenancies are limited.

Phone a/h 6337 1546 or Mobile 0402 809 480

Rental price will be negotiable and entirely dependant upon what is ultimately built and final lease arrangements.